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We are continuously working to enhance our E-Fundraising program before it's official launch January 1, 2019. Please feel free to use our beta site to raise funds and send any feedback to

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More profitable. More timeless. More FUN!

Organizations earn $8.00* for every candle sold while suporters get a beautifully designed candle they can actually use!


Let’s talk dollars and scents. Your organization earns 40% of every candle sold! With a profit of $8.00 per Gold Canyon Lumie™ sold, you’ll reach your fundraising goals faster than ever!

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Sharing your Fundraiser in person or even online has never been easier with simplified ordering and personalized links!


Gold Canyon candles are scented from top to bottom with the highest quality fragrance and wax. You and your supporters will enjoy strong, long lasting & room-filling fragrance for days to come!

Fundraising is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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"Gold Canyon's E-Fundraiser platform made it so easy to raise funds, it really was the difference to getting all our new equipment."

- Coach D., Arizona



The amount your organization raises is entirely up to you, but Gold Canyon has taken great strides to make sure you earn serious “scents”. Our program is set up for you to see a generous gross profit of 40% from the price of each candle sold! For example, if you sell just 50 candles at $20 each, your organization will earn $400.00!



The length of the fundraiser is up to you. The average selling period for a successful fundraiser is 2 - 3 weeks. Gold Canyon recommends staying within this timeframe for it to be the most effective.



Absolutely! Your sellers will offer one candle size that’s availab le in 15 of our best - selling fragrances and colors.



If you are not charging tax, it’s a simple $20; that price includes shipping! If your organization is not tax - exempt, you’ll need to add the cost of tax to the candle price. There is spot to add the tax on the order form.



There are two fundraiser seasons per year that support your organization. Effective dates for the two seasons are Spring/Summer from February 1 through July 31 and Fall/Winter from July 1 through January 31.



Tax is charged on Web orders based on the laws governing tax in the state that the order is shipping to and are not covered by the Exemption Certificate provided by the Organization. .


Best Sellers

Large Caribbean Sky Heritage® Scented Candle

Tropical guava. Bright mango. Exotic greens.

Large Pomegranate Heritage® Scented Candle

Fresh pomegranate. Ripe strawberry. Tart green apple.

Homeology® All Purpose • Rosemary Mint

Herbal. Pure. Clean.

Scent Cube

Wireless, portable and perfect for every room at home or even on the go! Add a few drops of your favorite Home Fragrance Oil to the pad in the tray and the Gold Canyon Scent Cube gives you room-filling fragrance with the touch of a button. It’s battery-operated and shuts off automatically after 2 hours.

Scentric™ Plug-In Unit

Plug-in and zone out! Gold Canyon Scentric™ Plug-In Unit offers room-filling fragrance you don’t have to think about. Add your favorite Scentre™ fragrance bulb and the unit subtly scents your home for up to 30 days.

White Citrus Scentre™

Lively citrus. Juicy tangerine. Comforting vanilla.

Large Ginger Lime Heritage® Scented Candle

Electrifying lime. Refreshing lemongrass. Zesty ginger.